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If you loves singing, then you should get yourself a Wireless Handheld Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone! When you own it, you can have a concert anytime, anywhere! Whether you are an adult or a child, enjoy the music.

  • Portable Design: The portable karaoke microphone is designed for you to sing anywhere! It combines the features of a Bluetooth microphone with a karaoke machine for only a small change in appearance. It is also an awesome portable speaker if you just want to enjoy some music.

  • Professional Karaoke System: The microphone uses top notch DPS tech and layers of foam nets to better capture voice input and reduces noise. The built-in speaker in this karaoke microphone is also very powerful, it is great for having parties or giving live speeches.

  • 3 In 1 Multifunctional Microphone: The main function of this Bluetooth microphone is to have FUN! Singing and karaoke is the obvious job done here, it can also record your songs, and act as a voice disguiser. But yes, mostly it's for enjoying yourself anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy to use: This Bluetooth microphone isn't complicated to use at all. There are only a few easily understandable buttons such as the sliding buttons for mic volume and remix, +/- buttons for speaker volume and switching songs etc. Once connected to your device (or TF card, flash drive), it's party time!

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