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  • Abs muscles stimulator that allows muscles to be modeled through high precision micro-discharges to eliminate localized fat. Can help us lose fat, build muscle and shape figure. Suitable for not only sports enthusiast, but also for who‘d strained muscle, lived in a sedentary lifestyle.
  • 60 Excercise Mode The abs toner comes with 6 exercise modes and 10 levels of intensity. Each EMS machine can be individually adjusted mode and intensity. You can also use 3 muscles Stimulator simultaneously, to adjust the required mode and intensity respectively. Mode 1-2 can make your Fat Losing, Mode 3-4 can make your Muscle Building, Mode 5-6 can make your Figure Shaping.
  • Safe & Effective The muscle stimulator adopts tech used by professional athletes. And the muscle trainer designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. Fix the fitness gear to the position where you want to strengthen your muscle. 20 minutes using equals to 30 minutes sit-ups, 2 kilometer running, 30 minutes swimming, or 2 weeks of diet. Noticeable effect can be seen with consistent use of 2 months.
  • Ultra Thin & Compact You can use the abs muscle trainer anytime and anywhere. The abs toning belt is lightweight, thin, and wireless. You could use this abs muscle toner when you are watching, reading. You also could do muscle training in office, bedroom, or any place you want. Not just in gym.
  • Suitable for fitness The muscle trainer can definitely tone your body and make you stronger. The professional EMS muscle toner allows a comfortable and personalized workout at home and in the office. You can use the EMS muscle stimulator on most body parts such as abdomen, waist, arms, shoulders, back, thighs, calves and buttocks.

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