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A spill-proof, most unique way to efficiently chop the pieces into fine pieces is here-the manual food chopping system. This is an unparalleled device to chop your food items. It works with the help of two systems-the blades are attached to the lid with a pulling handle. The second system is the container. One can easily cut the desired food item by simply putting the item to be chopped into the container and then closing the lid tightly. Further, the handle on the lid outside has to be pulled and released multiple times as per the level of cutting intended. 

The best part is that the chopped fruits, vegetables, or other items are not spilled everywhere while chopping. They are efficiently collected in a place. Another great factor is its small and compact size. It is ideal for picnics or any other outdoor parties.


  • Chopper system with twin components-blade and container
  • Makes use of the manual chopping system
  • Can be easily and readily used by kids
  • Spill proof and airtight
  • It can chop a variety of food items into the minutest pieces


  • Size: 12.5x8.5 cm
  • Color: Light Green / Red
  • Blades: stainless steel

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