Funny Music Crab Bubble Blower

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Features: Fun music bubble maker & baby shower companion. You Can Play When Bathing. At the same time, it can also send out pleasant music that kids like. Built-in 12 classic nursery rhymes to enjoy a happy time. Bubble scratching toys are magic to keep smiling in the bathroom.

Bubble production - with the right amount of self-use shower gel. Just press the switch button and the flower bubbles will continue to spit out of the cute crab's mouth. Suitable age: over 18 months

Material: ABS (Eco-friendly and non-toxic) Size: 23 * 16cm / 9.1 * 6.3in

Power: AA batteries (not included) How to make bubble solution: Remove the bath milk containers, pour 5-30ml of bath cream into the container, pour in water (fill about 2/3) and stir until the bath cream is dissolved. It is advisable to use baby tear-free shower gel. The more bath cream, the sticker, and the slicker the foam bubbles.

One-key switch: Press once to appear calling music. Press twice to close the game.

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