3-in-1 Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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The 3-in-1 Electric Facial Cleansing Brush is ideal for women and men who enjoy face spa at home. It is best Electric Cleanser for Clogged Pores, Deep Exfoliating and Pore Minimizer. This is an ideal product for people with sensitive skin.
It comes with 3 professional heads for deep cleansing, massaging and rejuvenating skin. With 2 speeds settings, you can control how the cleansing brush treats your skin. Plus, it's water-resistant, making it perfect for use in the shower. 

3 different rotating heads that help you achieve beautifully clear and radiant skin.
  • Clearing Brush (For oily combination skin)
  • Deeply cleans oil and residual makeup in the pores, making for a clear and smooth skin.     
  • Suggested use: Good for daily use.
  • sponge Cleansing Brush (For Sensitive Skin)
  • Elastic silicone brush gently cleans and cares your skin. Good for sensitive skin or skin in a sensitive period.
  • Skin Refreshing Brush (For exfoliation)
  • Closely fits your skin, deeply cleans the dirt and the blackheads twice and helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin. For all skin types.

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