About Us

Hey there, amazing visitor!

We understand that shopping can be a tedious job, especially when you are doing it online, as you have to hop from one place to another for different things. That is the reason we came up with this store, Free Ship Deal where we have all the categories in one place to make shopping a hassle-free and fun experience for you.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to make things available at affordable prices at the ease of your home, so you can explore easily between different categories and get deals that are worth your time and money.


A little story about us:

Our story started when we, a group of 4 friends found it difficult to do shopping online before a trip, as we realized that we have to jump from one place to another to buy different things. That is when this idea popped into our mind why not have a place that gives all categories to customers in one place, making it the ultimate stop for shopping for anything be it apparels, footwear, accessories, electronics, etc.

So, our aim is to make things easy for you and make shopping a great experience with different brands available in one place, with deals that are easy on your pocket and give you the utmost satisfactory experience.

Our vision is to offer the best to our customers in regard to quality and price. Happy clients inspire us to continue our vision of service and help us attain our goals, because of this we are extremely careful with every product we manufacture and make sure they reach the common standards before we ship them to you.

If you still don’t get what you were looking for, or you received something you didn’t dream of, you can always contact us.

Email id: info@freeshipdeals.com
Phone number: +1848 900 1962